API keys
  • 06 May 2024
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API keys

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API keys

This section of the admin panel allows you to manage existing API keys and create new ones.

Editing/revoking an API key

To edit or revoke an API key, click on its prefix in the list. You can modify its expiration date and time, name, role, permissions (including models and skills), and associated user.

Creating an API Key

To create a new API key, click on the "Add API Key" button at the top right corner or directly on "Add" next to "API Keys" in the left sidebar of the admin panel. After setting your desired parameters and clicking save, remember to save the displayed API key from the banner at the top of your screen; it will not be visible again.
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Creating an API Key, field by field guide:

  • Revoked: To leave unchecked upon creation. If the API key is revoked, clients cannot use it anymore. This cannot be undone.
  • Expires: Leave blank if you don't want the key to expire
  • Name: Free-form name for the API key. Need not be unique. 50 characters max.
  • Role: Chose between Standard, Admin or Project
  • Permitted models: Select which models (LLMs or embeddings) this key can query
  • User: User associated to the API key
  • Prefix: Will be automatically generated upon saving
Creating an API key from the UI

Users can also create API keys directly from Paradigm UI.

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By default the keys created via the UI have the following parameters:
Expiration = never expires
Name = username_timestamp
Role = standard API key
Permitted models = all models
Permitted skilles = all skills
Optin = checked
User = user that created the key

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