• 05 Mar 2024
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Introducing the chat tab

Chat is the main tab of Paradigm. It's here that you can have a conversation with your private AI assistant.
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How to tell my chat assistant to answer based on my company documents?

Remember that the top right box Search through the docs should be checked upon creation of the chat session if you want your assistant to look for answers based on your documents.

Session history

Each conversation that you have with your assistant is called a chat session. You can see the history of your sessions in the left bar. We recommend you open a new fresh session by clicking "new chat" when you switch to another discussion topic or want your assistant to start with a fresh context.


Click In the bottom left corner to access the chat analytics panel, where you can see your personal usage statistics (or aggregated usage statistics if you are a company owner).

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Accessible by clicking on the corresponding bottom left icon, the documents tab is the place where you can see all the documents your assistant has access to answer your questions.
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The export button exports the list of documents present in your collection. The search bar enables you to search for document titles and check whether a document is in your collections.

How to upload new documents?

Click on the top right upload button to add documents to your collection and expand the knowledge your assistant has access to.

How to delete a document?

Click on the three vertical dots in the row corresponding to a document, and click delete.

Note: Uploading and/or deleting documents might require the corresponding permissions.

Response evaluations & additional features

Evaluation and feedback

When satistified or dissatisfied with a response from your assistant, we encourage you to click the like/dislike button to provide feedback. This will help your administrator to monitor user satisfaction and might be useful to further improve the assistant.


Feedback data is only stored on the infrastructure where Paradigm is located. This means that if Paradigm is deployed on-prem / on your private cloud, only Paradigm administrators from your company can access this data.

Regenerate button

Your assistant is powered by an LLM which by construction is a stochastic algorithm. This button lets you reroll the dice and get a different answer for your current question.
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Exporting extracts

This right side bar of the chat panel enables you to export the citations your assistant used to support their answers.
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