• 03 Jun 2024
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Companies in Paradigm Admin Panel

In Paradigm, a 'Company' is a crucial organizational entity. It defines the scope of document access and analytics within our chat-with-documents platform. Paradigm integrates Large Language Models (LLMs) with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and users interact with company-specific embedded documents.

Company Specifics

  • Document Access: Users can only interact with documents belonging to their associated company.
  • User Activity and Analytics: User activities, such as feedback and the number of requests, are monitored and compiled into an aggregated analytics view at the company level, viewable by the company owner.
  • Company theme: Allows customization of company-specific themes, including color schemes and logos.

Managing Companies

Creating a Company

  1. Navigate to the Paradigm admin panel.
  2. Click the plus sign or the add company button
  3. Create a new company by filling in the company name, the company owner and saving.

User Management

Add or remove users by selecting / unselecting them in the dropdown menu in the Company's page.

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